The Casablanca Hotel has been welcoming guests on Miami Beach long before the bikini was invented.  Our historic hotel hotel is a landmark on Miami Beach and our Sultan’s have been welcoming arriving guests at our front entrance since 1958..

The Casablanca Hotel is a unique property as it is also a Resort Condominium and this becomes a problem for the Casablanca Hotel Operator as many individual condo owners are on the Internet posting their individual units in a very misleading way by allowing the general public to believe their rentals are being booked with the Hotel when in reality they are not. 

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Unfortunately the arriving guest finds out too late and generally writes negative reviews on TripAdvisor or other Internet sites blasting the Hotel Operator when in reality the negative review belongs to the unscrupulous condo owner who intentionally or otherwise mislead the renter into believing they were staying at the Hotel and not an individual unit owned and rented off the Hotel Program.

In 2018 the Casablanca Hotel is undergoing many improvements and they are focused on YOU our GUEST. Visit 

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